Scientists remove
thousands of aspens to glimpse forest's future

Armed with chainsaws and pry bars, University of Michigan researchers and their colleagues recently hastened the end for nearly 7,000 mature aspen and birch trees in a large-scale, long-term experiment to glimpse the Great Lakes region's future forests.

A band of bark was stripped from each tree to kill it without cutting it down. read more...



wild weather image

Uncertainties abound in the study of global warming, but one thing is certain: the environment for climate research is extremely favorable at the University of Michigan.

Scientists in a broad range of areas including atmospheric science, ecology, geochemistry and geophysics are applying their expertise to learn, for example, how warming trends are affecting Michigan wildlife, how today's climate change compares with changes in the past, and how global warming and climate variability contribute to the spread and burden of disease.

A recent exhibit at the U-M Exhibit Museum of Natural History highlighted the work of 10 U-M researchers whose work relates to climate change.
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RESEARCH ROUNDUP: Embracing the environmental agenda

How much must we change our behavior and perspectives in order to alleviate global warming, and how much are we willing to change? read more...

Climate and energy experts

U-M experts available to discuss climate change

U-M experts available to discuss energy issues

U-M environmental
Rosina Bierbaum
Dean, School of Natural Resources and Environment

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Not many scientists get to conduct research on a truly global level. But then again, not many scientists can say their work might change human history. read more...


Climate Basics:

two UM experts explain the fundamentals of global warming video cam icon

Professors Perry Samson and Ricky Rood cut through climate confusion. What do we know? What do we still need to learn? And how can we solve the problem of a changing climate?


Recent climate change and energy research at U-M

Hybrid cars, green computing, a proposal for Moon-based observatories to monitor Earth's climate – these topics and more have been covered in recent news releases, podcasts and videos from the U-M News Service. click here for a list and links.