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Students across the globe will connect virtually to solve entrepreneurial challenges Nov 21, 2017
U-M's fourth annual Giving Blueday encourages community to give back Nov 21, 2017
Sexual assault among college students is bad; for those who don't attend college, it's worse Nov 21, 2017
Tempting your taste buds: Food cues entice consumers to overeat Nov 21, 2017
Cinnamon turns up the heat on fat cells Nov 21, 2017
Motivation, not habit, contributes to drug addiction Nov 20, 2017
U-M student named Rhodes Scholar Nov 20, 2017
Seven U-M scientists, engineers named 2017 AAAS Fellows Nov 20, 2017
Snapshots in time: Using fire and logging to recreate a century of forest history at the U-M Biological Station Nov 19, 2017
Michigan's economy positioned to withstand a NAFTA withdrawal Nov 17, 2017
When women have access to family planning, income rises and poverty drops Nov 16, 2017
US economy hasn't seen a Trump bump yet Nov 16, 2017
Replace or wait? Study says swap all incandescent bulbs now, but hold on to CFLs, older LEDs Nov 15, 2017
Kevlar-based artificial cartilage mimics the magic of the real thing Nov 15, 2017
Access to birth control through ACA drives down abortion rate Nov 15, 2017
India's 'Twitter-in-chief': Decoding Modi's social media brand Nov 15, 2017
U-M Museum of Art reopens Asian Art Conservation Lab Nov 14, 2017
Earthquake along the Iraq-Iran border: U-M experts available Nov 13, 2017
U-M presents Dominique Morisseau play inspired by Jena Six case, explores systemic racial injustice Nov 13, 2017
ACA program to reduce hospital readmissions not all it's cracked up to be Nov 13, 2017