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U-M cryo-electron microscopy experts available to comment on Nobel Prize Oct 04, 2017
U-M School of Dentistry professor awarded $8.1M grant for cancer research Oct 04, 2017
U-M startup marks milestone in drug therapy for boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy Oct 04, 2017
Washington Post's David Fahrenthold will speak about fake news Oct 04, 2017
Mobility startups join U-M incubator to pilot autonomous, connected vehicle innovations Oct 03, 2017
Solar car race: Live coverage begins soon Oct 03, 2017
American Enterprise Institute president's talk explores escaping poverty through entrepreneurship Oct 03, 2017
Social action may give youth a career edge Oct 03, 2017
Pathway in neurons may contribute to neurodegenerative disease Oct 03, 2017
Deep sleep critical for visual learning Oct 03, 2017
Mere talk of trade policy change can cost consumers Oct 03, 2017
Minor parole violations behind high rate of reincarceration Oct 03, 2017
U-M launches new Precision Health research initiative Oct 03, 2017
As retirement age creeps up, health of those close to retirement is getting worse Oct 03, 2017
Microbes in permafrost quickly adapt to eat sun-weakened carbon Oct 03, 2017
Architecture students learn from pros, solve real design challenges Oct 02, 2017
Consumers demonstrate resilience Sept 29, 2017
U-M researchers develop technique that could detect explosives, dangerous gases rapidly and remotely Sept 28, 2017
Concussion: How the NFL came to shape the issue that plagued it Sept 28, 2017
Exchange rate devaluations hit poor households Sept 28, 2017