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Super-tasters may avoid foods that contain cancer preventive compounds. Feb 11, 1997
One of the world's greatest love poems. . . Feb 10, 1997
How schools and libraries can benefit from the Merit project Feb 09, 1997
Merit provides dial-in access for "the rest of Michigan" Feb 09, 1997
Chocolate: It's a Valentine "mood food" Feb 06, 1997
U-M historian co-edited new African American history series Feb 05, 1997
Sirius sparkles in Michigan's southern sky Feb 05, 1997
Panel to examine media's role in national welfare debate Feb 05, 1997
Geology, minerology Prof. Emeritus Goddard died Feb. 1 Feb 04, 1997
Four-year college degree not the only path to a good-paying job Feb 04, 1997
Expenditures for presidential search Feb 04, 1997
School of Public Health awarded $450,850 for genome research Feb 04, 1997
Workshop on Consumption and Environment Feb 03, 1997
U-M to accept applications for student child care subsidy Feb 02, 1997
Want to know about Michigan? Find it in U-M Press' 1996 edition of "Michigan Statistical Abstract." Jan 30, 1997
Prof. Warner Rice, former library director and English department chair, dies at 97 Jan 30, 1997
African-American music...a historical perspective Jan 29, 1997
Monitoring the Future identifies why young adults use drugs Jan 29, 1997
Star clusters shine in Michigan's winter sky Jan 23, 1997
Michigan Radio, School of Information create "Internet" series. Jan 23, 1997