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Mosaics prevail at Kamrowski exhibitionDate: Aug 25, 1997
Intel funds advanced communications, computation research Aug 21, 1997
From Galilee to Ann Arbor: It took 66 years Aug 21, 1997
Athletics Department earns NCAA certification Aug 20, 1997
Students share $1,625 in prizes for creative writing Aug 18, 1997
U-M named among top schools for Asian Americans Aug 18, 1997
U.S. economy will remain strong over next two years Aug 17, 1997
Fall Move-In scheduled for Aug. 30 - Sept. 1 Aug 14, 1997
Geologists find clues to Earth's ancient climate on ocean floor Aug 13, 1997
A+: A new on-line reference tool for students and teachers Aug 12, 1997
Detroit Tiger to get spit tobacco education program award Aug 11, 1997
Tips for college success to first-year students Aug 10, 1997
Divorce is not all broken homes and neglected children Aug 10, 1997
Migrant workers learn "Survival English" from U-M students Aug 07, 1997
Galileo orbits Jupiter, learning about the planet and its moons Aug 06, 1997
Stress from plate collisions travels through continents Aug 06, 1997
Long-term genetic study helps explain genetic roots of psoriasis Aug 05, 1997
Hard core smokers may use nicotineto manage depression, ADHD, anxiety or bulimia Aug 05, 1997
GuideCane steers blind pedestrians around obstacles Aug 05, 1997
U-M lab preserves Chinese art treasures Aug 04, 1997