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Teens exposed to drug use, mental distress, violence at risk for HIV in adulthood Dec 21, 2017
Researchers publish the first comprehensive list of vascular plant species of the Americas Dec 21, 2017
U-M, WCC will share programming course Dec 21, 2017
Memristors power quick-learning neural network Dec 20, 2017
En Nuestra Lengua: Spanish school teaches language, creates community Dec 20, 2017
Forecast 2018: Social media winners enable storytelling Dec 20, 2017
A 'STEM' parent boosts girls' participation in science degrees Dec 20, 2017
War of words and slavery in modern Brazil Dec 19, 2017
Unhackable computer under development with $3.6M DARPA grant Dec 19, 2017
Forecast 2018: Popularity of Affordable Care Act Makes it Hard to Repeal Dec 18, 2017
A shoe-box-sized chemical detector Dec 15, 2017
Repeal of net neutrality: U-M experts available Dec 14, 2017
Coalition seeks to increase transparency on life science career prospects Dec 14, 2017
National adolescent drug trends in 2017: Marijuana use edges upward Dec 14, 2017
Going after opioid manufacturers, distributors in court may help with crisis Dec 13, 2017
Forecast 2018: The future of business education Dec 13, 2017
Sedative, tranquilizer misuse a strong indicator of future drug abuse Dec 13, 2017
Electricity, eel-style: Soft power cells could run tomorrow's implantables Dec 13, 2017
Seven recommendations for 'pay-for-success' interventions Dec 12, 2017
Forecast 2018: Gender diversity and pay Dec 12, 2017