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Pharmaceutical internships offered May 12, 1995
Manufacturing technology conference to be held May 12, 1995
Videotapes teach how to be assertive with the health care system May 11, 1995
40th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education observed May 11, 1995
Oxygen may have been key to evolution of giant insects and land-dwelling animals May 10, 1995
Faculty and students responded to the call during W.W. II May 09, 1995
Boys gossip just as much as girls, study shows May 08, 1995
Wet cleaning is an environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning May 08, 1995
Accident or hoodoo, mystery of train wreck persists May 05, 1995
Regents to meet May 18-19 May 05, 1995
Sloan Foundation awards $2.2 million to Business School and College of Engineering May 04, 1995
Information superhighway adds a new stop; Internet Public Library May 04, 1995
Underwater storage techniques used by early North American hunters preserve meat for at least six months May 03, 1995
Jobs in science, health care and computers will experience labor shortages May 01, 1995
Michigan Journalism Fellows named for 1995-96 Apr 28, 1995
Two Romanian Business Journalists Have Been Named Journalism Fellows Apr 28, 1995
Career Planning and Placement has updated online guide to help job seekers Apr 25, 1995
Oakland County will continue to thrive, say researchers Apr 21, 1995
Prof. Noreen Clark appointed as dean of School of Public Health Apr 20, 1995
Cynthia Wilbanks named associate vice president for university relations Apr 20, 1995