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On the road again: Vehicle ownership, miles driven continue to rise Jan 23, 2018
Flying slime: Harmful algal blooms can become airborne Jan 22, 2018
Wrong way, hot Jupiter Jan 22, 2018
No money requested for consumer protection: U-M expert available Jan 19, 2018
Holography, LIDAR on the cheap: Nanoparticle gel controls twisted light with magnetism Jan 19, 2018
New director of U-M Museum of Art announces open office hours Jan 19, 2018
2017 among warmest years on record: U-M experts available Jan 18, 2018
Simplifying higher ed financial aid: U-Michigan professor to testify before Congress Jan 17, 2018
New patented system could prevent motion sickness while riding in self-driving cars Jan 17, 2018
Semiconductor breakthrough may be game-changer for organic solar cells Jan 17, 2018
Michigan meteor: U-M experts can discuss Jan 17, 2018
The economic legacy of the Great Migration Jan 17, 2018
Michigan's sugar maples will struggle in a warmer, drier future despite help from nitrogen pollution Jan 17, 2018
Communication methods do not work equally across diverse teams Jan 15, 2018
Fuel cost of driving gas vs. battery-electric vehicles: Varies by state Jan 15, 2018
Reimagining how computers are designed: U-M leads new $32M center Jan 15, 2018
U-M President Mark Schlissel honored for Go Blue Guarantee, commitment to DEI Jan 12, 2018
Researchers identify new potential drug target for Huntington's disease Jan 11, 2018
Kids' sleeping habits disrupted by sneaky media use Jan 11, 2018
Urban development in Detroit, Flint Jan 11, 2018