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U-Michigan, Henry Ford College launch innovative transfer student program for humanities majors Feb 07, 2018
U-M Center for the Discovery of New Medicines awards seven new grants Feb 05, 2018
Tax reform, stock prices keep confidence high Feb 02, 2018
House dust mites evolved a new way to protect their genome Feb 01, 2018
U-M expert discusses Poland's Holocaust speech law Feb 01, 2018
Evolution of China's flowering plants shows East-West divide between old, new lineages Jan 31, 2018
Got starch? There's bacteria in your gut for that Jan 31, 2018
U-M discovery helps build a better target for anticancer drug discovery Jan 30, 2018
U-M Poverty Solutions highlights partnerships, announces new investments to fight poverty Jan 30, 2018
Michigan flu bad but may peak soon, says U-M expert Jan 26, 2018
Internet-scanning U-M startup offers new approach to cybersecurity Jan 25, 2018
Q&A: UMS president Matthew VanBesien discusses provocative 'No Safety Net' theater series Jan 25, 2018
Record jump in 2014-2016 global temperatures largest since 1900 Jan 24, 2018
State of the Union address: U-M expert available to discuss Jan 23, 2018
On the road again: Vehicle ownership, miles driven continue to rise Jan 23, 2018
Flying slime: Harmful algal blooms can become airborne Jan 22, 2018
Wrong way, hot Jupiter Jan 22, 2018
No money requested for consumer protection: U-M expert available Jan 19, 2018
Holography, LIDAR on the cheap: Nanoparticle gel controls twisted light with magnetism Jan 19, 2018
New director of U-M Museum of Art announces open office hours Jan 19, 2018