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Oldest well-documented Blanding's turtle recaptured at U-M reserve at age 83 May 25, 2016
U-M photography exhibition explores a dark Detroit May 25, 2016
Gig economy: Entrepreneurs need not apply May 25, 2016
U-M to represent US, Detroit at Venice Biennale, world's top architecture show May 24, 2016
Who sells when the chips are down on Wall Street? May 24, 2016
Vehicle automation: Most drivers still want to retain at least some control May 23, 2016
State elections in India: U-M experts can comment May 20, 2016
$100K grand prize winner announced at U-M's inaugural M-Prize chamber music competition May 20, 2016
Patricia Hurn named dean of the U-M School of Nursing May 19, 2016
D. Scott DeRue named new dean of the U-M Ross School of Business May 19, 2016
Chemists settle longstanding debate on how methane is made biologically May 19, 2016
U-M helps India start first consumer sentiment index May 19, 2016
Can white kids grow up to be black? Some preschoolers think so May 19, 2016
U-M panel examines 'The Trump Phenomenon' May 18, 2016
Thousands of heirloom peonies set to bloom at U-M's Nichols Arboretum May 18, 2016
Incentives paid to UK doctors to improve health care have little impact May 17, 2016
Taiwan's presidential inauguration: U-M experts can discuss May 17, 2016
U-M joins new National Microbiome Initiative May 13, 2016
2016 Olympic Games in Brazil: U-M experts available to discuss May 13, 2016
New evidence that humans settled in southeastern US far earlier than previously believed May 13, 2016