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Headline Published Date
Stay tuned: New U-M Bristle Mammoth exhibit highlights the 'unfolding process of discovery' Oct 28, 2016
A window into battery life for next-gen lithium cells Oct 18, 2016
Debates: Linguistic trick boosts poll numbers Oct 18, 2016
U-M-led team recovers 'most complete Michigan mastodon skeleton in many decades' from Thumb site Oct 17, 2016
U.S.-Russia tensions: U-M professor, former diplomat discusses Oct 14, 2016
The India program is music to their ears Oct 11, 2016
21st-century dancer: Experimental, paid performing arts internships give students rare opportunity Oct 10, 2016
Poverty: U-M launches initiative aimed at finding solutions Oct 05, 2016
Solar storms: Regional forecasts set to begin Sept 28, 2016
Cancer stem cells: New method analyzes 10,000 cells at once Sept 22, 2016
U-M joins edX to announce three social innovation MicroMasters for online learners Sept 20, 2016
Robotics building design approved, including space for Ford Sept 15, 2016
Tech startup bets on slow water to power our future Sept 14, 2016
Film premiere: U-M professor reimagines presidential campaign as musical comedy Sept 09, 2016
A more accurate sensor for lead paint Sept 08, 2016
A $3M grant to turn urine into food crop fertilizer Sept 08, 2016
Holes found in report on St. Jude medical device security Aug 30, 2016
Researchers ‘solve’ key Zika virus protein structure Jul 25, 2016
Need for speed: Michigan lab helps runners improve form, decrease time Jul 11, 2016
Force-feeling phone: Software lets mobile devices sense pressure May 26, 2016