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Headline Published Date
U-M English professor-poet named MacArthur Fellow Sept 17, 2014
Fighting lung cancer: Faster image processing for low-radiation CT scans Sept 11, 2014
U-M connected and automated vehicle initiative announces founding corporate partners Sept 05, 2014
U-M student growing seafood in vacant Detroit house Aug 06, 2014
A breath reveals a hidden image in anti-counterfeit drug labels Aug 06, 2014
We Make Health Fest: Encouraging community creation of tools, technologies to promote health Aug 01, 2014
All HIV not created equal: Scientists believe they can identify which viruses cause infection Jul 20, 2014
Short lives, violent deaths: Two CT-scanned Siberian mammoth calves yield trove of insights Jul 08, 2014
Martian salts must touch ice to make liquid water, study shows Jul 02, 2014
U-M licenses transformative sensor technology Jun 30, 2014
Nature's chem lab: How microorganisms manufacture drugs Jun 18, 2014
Despite its British origins, Americans get a bad rap for using the word ‘soccer’ Jun 05, 2014
U-M President Coleman wins Cassandra Pyle Award for international education May 27, 2014
When performance art mixes with research about homosexuality in Latin America May 16, 2014
Your brain on speed: Walking doesn't impair thinking and multitasking May 08, 2014
U-M paleontologists unveil online showcase of 3-D fossil remains May 05, 2014
Chameleon crystals could make active camouflage possible Apr 23, 2014
Tea and sympathy: Fair trade leads to unfair deal for Darjeeling workers Mar 18, 2014
U-M scientists slow development of Alzheimer's trademark cell-killing plaques Mar 17, 2014
'For a couple hundred dollars, you can get to the edge of space' Mar 05, 2014