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Below-average 'dead zone' predicted for Chesapeake Bay in 2015 Jun 23, 2015
Average 'dead zone' for Gulf of Mexico in 2015, U-M and partners predict Jun 17, 2015
Heartbeat on a chip could improve pharmaceutical tests Jun 15, 2015
Regular soda, please: Hormone that differentiates sugar, diet sweeteners could exist in humans Jun 11, 2015
U-M, MEDC launch crowdfunding effort to transform vacant Detroit building into community maker space Jun 10, 2015
U-M at the Tony Awards Jun 05, 2015
U-M students uncover story behind 19th-century African-American 'selfies' May 29, 2015
How well does technology solve social problems? May 27, 2015
U-M Library discovers unpublished memoir within new Orson Welles acquisition May 21, 2015
Cancer drugs may hold key to treating Down syndrome and other brain disorders May 19, 2015
'Supercool' material glows when you write on it May 13, 2015
Are those jerks at work dragging you down? May 12, 2015
Finding solutions together: Students approach health care as interprofessional teams Apr 21, 2015
Mercury MESSENGER nears epic mission end Apr 16, 2015
The history of the Armenian genocide Apr 16, 2015
U-M students compete to find innovative solutions to public health challenges Mar 11, 2015
Build your own Siri: An open-source digital assistant Mar 11, 2015
Forgotten photos, film provide unique view of China Mar 02, 2015
Ultra-small Block 'M' illustrates big ideas in drug delivery Feb 25, 2015
Major funding increase needed to fix roads, local leaders say Feb 23, 2015