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A paradox for young docs: New work-hour restrictions may increase, not decrease, errors Mar 25, 2013
Michigan hospitals national leaders in preventing common and costly urinary tract infections Mar 25, 2013
University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center named in honor of Samuel and Jean Frankel Mar 21, 2013
More than 90% of surveyed Michigan Medicaid recipients reported easier access to primary care in 2012 Mar 18, 2013
Only one-third of parents follow doctors’ orders for kids all of the time Mar 18, 2013
Pneumonia patients nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression, mental and physical impairments Mar 18, 2013
People with peanut/tree nut allergies can minimize risk of reactions on airplane flights Mar 14, 2013
Do blood thinners + stroke treatment = danger? Study indicates the risk is low Mar 13, 2013
Study: Probiotics reduce stress-induced intestinal flare-ups Mar 13, 2013
Repairing the nose after skin cancer in just one step Mar 12, 2013
Small physician practices that care for children unprepared to become medical homes Mar 07, 2013
Emergency departments not doing enough to educate parents about car seat safety Mar 05, 2013
Scores that evaluate newborn intensive care units are inconsistent Mar 04, 2013
University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center implants newest device for cardiac pacing Feb 28, 2013
U-M study challenges notion of using Herceptin only for HER2-positive breast cancer Feb 26, 2013
Patients’ access to bariatric surgery may be limited by Medicare rule, study finds Feb 26, 2013
Medical societies identify tests and treatments physicians prescribe too often Feb 24, 2013
Seeking equality in all aspects of health care, UMHS names first Assoc. VP for Health Equity & Inclusion Feb 21, 2013
The ethics of access: U-M doctors compare two federal health care reform efforts Feb 19, 2013
Could an old antidepressant treat sickle cell disease? Tests in mice and human blood cells look promising Feb 19, 2013