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Media Contacts

Laura Lessnau, Director

Bernie DeGroat, Associate Director

Areas: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Transportation, Labor

William Foreman, Associate Director of International Communications

Areas: International Institute, Area Studies Centers, Foreign Languages and Literature, Global and Intercultural Study, Architecture and Urban Planning


Laura Bailey, Senior Public Relations Representative

Areas: Kinesiology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Developmental Biology, Human Growth and Development, Nursing

Jim Erickson, Senior Public Relations Representative

Areas: Natural Resources and Environment, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Graham Sustainability Institute, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Museum of Natural History, Paleontology, Herbarium

Laurel Thomas Gnagey, Senior Public Relations Strategist

Areas: Public Health, Education, Student Experiences, Instructional Technology

Greta Guest, Senior Public Relations Representative

Areas: Business, Public Policy, Tech Transfer

Sydney Hawkins, Arts & Culture Communications Manager

Areas: Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Art History, Art and Design, Arts at Michigan, Classical Studies, Humanities, Institute for Humanities, Libraries, Museums, School of Art & Design, School of Music, Screen Arts and Cultures

Deborah Holdship, Michigan Today Editor, Public Relations Representative

Michigan Today is published online 10 times per year by the Michigan News office. The digital magazine is emailed to about 300,000 readers worldwide.

Nicole Casal Moore, Lead Public Relations Representative

Areas: Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Astronomy, Information, Entrepreneurship

Jared Wadley, Senior Public Relations Representative

Areas: Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Social Work, English, Organizational Studies, Communication Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Mandira BanerjeeInternational Communications Specialist

Fernanda Pires, Portuguese Content Producer

Debing Su, Mandarin Content Producer

Nardy Baeza Bickel, Hispanic Communications Manager


Michigan News Multimedia and Support Staff

Cherie McBride, Administrative Specialist

Nicole Rhoads, Web Designer

Mike Wood, Videographer/Producer