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January 5 - December 23, 2004


December 23, 2004
Students to flex policy analysis muscles in Small Arms Forum
Synthetic biology: Researchers mass produce genes on a chip
Confidence edges upward but slower economic growth expected

December 21, 2004
Cigarette smoking among American teens continues eight-year decline
Overall teen drug use continues gradual decline; but use of inhalants rises

December 20, 2004
U-M continues modest salary program for 2004-2005
University of Michigan focusing on Cultural Treasures of Middle East

December 17, 2004
What should Celebrex and Bextra patients do?
U-M Team Momentum to start 'rayce' at Auto Show

December 16, 2004
Tedesco to resume faculty role; accepts visiting position at Columbia

December 15, 2004
Stock investors' returns are lower than they think
Stock repurchases are replacing dividends
Nation's oldest teaching center moves to heart of U-M research center
Heart disease, work performance, mental health all connected

December 14, 2004
Google/U-M project opens the way to universal access to information
Introductory engineering class hits on formula to attract women
Event announcement: 2004 election results impact U.S.-European relations
To help your mind, take steps to help your heart

December 13, 2004
Religious ritual evolved with society in Mexico

December 10, 2004
MRide increases ridership on AATA and U-M systems

December 08, 2004
U-M study: Why men are attracted to subordinate women
Chemical cousin of anti-anxiety drugs holds promise for psoriasis treatment
U-M Board of Regents to meet Dec. 16

December 07, 2004
U-M center linking social and health divides expanding
U-M celebrates King with former HUD director, author

December 06, 2004
Event announcement: Exhibit by Art & Design faculty opens Friday
Experts available for coverage of Ukraine, Russia

December 03, 2004
U-M education program launches online news service for young people
U-M geochemist and student on Antarctic expedition team

December 02, 2004
Hello, hello, Earth?
Easily influenced consumers play it safe when making purchases
Civil rights leader to deliver lecture on math revolution
New method measures emotional quality of daily experience

December 01, 2004
Household stocks: The fewer, the better
U-M students teach professors about research commercialization
Does quitting smoking really make you gain 10 pounds?


November 30, 2004
Online, social loafers become productive when given a challenge

November 29, 2004
Seven Michigan residents recognized by Bentley Foundation
Sidney J. and Irene Shipman Scholarship winners announced
Astronaut's eyes may become windows on the bloodstream
Med School receives $5.9-million NIH grant to study anthrax

November 24, 2004
Pills, profits, sex and science: Social psychologist to speak at U-M
Middling level of confidence: More spending and more saving
U-M physics student awarded Marshall Scholarship
U-M engineering student wins prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

November 23, 2004
Community award to fund child and family research

November 22, 2004
From mobility to accessibility: Creating sustainable transportation
St. Petersburg String Quartet in residence at U-M
Five U-M faculty elected as Fellows of AAAS
New $44 million gift, accelerates search for Type I diabetes cure

November 19, 2004
Michigan's economy will add jobs for the first time in four years

November 18, 2004
Coppola recognized as 2004 State Professor of the Year
New dining center approved by U-M Regents
Two honorary degrees at winter commencement
American economy will continue on a steady growth path
Autism: Why do some develop then regress?
Event announcement: Performance artist explores our prosthetically-enhanced future
Event announcement: International conference: ‘Reframing Infectious Disease’

November 17, 2004
Americans are not bitterly divided
U.S. children and teens spend more time on academics
Roadway deaths up after 9/11 due largely to local driving

November 16, 2004
High anxiety: Consumers turn to chocolate and cigarettes
U-M celebrates naming of Arthur Miller Theatre
Life under economic pressure: Project traces the past impact
Regents meeting Nov. 18 begins at 2:30 p.m.

November 15, 2004
Diabetes among older Americans cost $133.5 billion in 1990s
Diverse group is the best solution for problem-solving tasks
U-M Tech Transfer adds four to National Advisory Board

November 12, 2004
U-M hiring of female professors doubles in math and sciences
President Ford celebrates groundbreaking of new Ford School of Public Policy

November 11, 2004
Event announcement: General Mills CEO Stephen Sanger will speak about innovation
U-M, state of Michigan gain from $70 million nanotech access grant

November 10, 2004
Food for thought: American culinary history center opens

November 9, 2004
Implanted devices cut heart death risk
Event announcement: U-M conference will feature national and state economic forecasts
Event announcement: Gerald R. Ford visit marks 90th anniversary, new era at public policy school
Women lag in emergency heart treatment

November 8, 2004
U-M Board of Regents to meet Nov. 18
Native American Heritage Month connects community
Eighteen U-M students receive Fulbright award for 2004-05
Advisory: U-M experts available on Elizabeth Edwards' cancer diagnosis
U-M School of Art & Design dedicates studios in honor of Maskells

November 5, 2004
Everyday evolution: Scientists offer examples to biology teachers
University of Michigan/Detroit partnership wins national honor
Advisory: U-M experts available on Arafat, Middle East, related stories

November 4, 2004
U-M researcher examines the cell's housekeeping habits

November 3, 2004
Libraries collaborate to make Muschenheim image archive
U-M launches series of human rights initiatives
Event announcement: Merck CEO Raymond Gilmartin will speak about business ethics

November 2, 2004
First human trial of bioartificial kidney shows promise for acute renal failure

November 1, 2004
Student’s winning invention enables “animal on a chip”
Treatment sometimes absent for children of mothers with mental illness
People cause more soil erosion than all natural processes
Event announcement: U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Scalia to give lecture at U-M Law School


October 29, 2004
High oil prices and lagging job prospects diminish consumer confidence

October 28, 2004
Researchers detect methane on Mars

October 27, 2004
Charles Walgreen gives $2 million to establish professorship in pharmacy
Researchers: Religious faith shortens hospital stays, aids recovery
U-M pond becomes scene of sculpture

October 26, 2004
Immune system in a bottle could help prevent flu vaccine shortage
Evidence that smoking affects brain’s natural “feel good” chemical system
"M GO BLUE for Mott" wristband campaign underway

October 25, 2004
Companies in crisis: Money helps preserve positive relationships

October 22, 2004
Professor helps Navy recruits deal with stress of training
Event announcement: Noam Chomsky to deliver 2004 Davis, Markert, Nickerson Academic and Intellectual Freedom Lecture
Event announcement: Tax guru Joel Slemrod to discuss Bush and Kerry tax plans

October 21, 2004
Event announcement: Two-day workshop on reproductive and human rights

October 20, 2004
Event announcement: Paul Laudicina of A.T. Kearney to speak at Ross School of Business

October 19, 2004
U-M composer wins governor's award

October 18, 2004
Regents meeting Oct. 21 begins at 2 p.m. in Flint
Three U-M faculty selected for IOM membership

October 15, 2004
U-M’s National Poverty Center gets $1 million grant renewal

October 14, 2004
U-M 2004 enrollment sets records at every level

October 13, 2004
U-M professor to test flu shot and nasal spray flu vaccine side by side

October 12, 2004
For love or money, marriage is here to stay

October 11, 2004
Regents to meet Oct. 21 at U-M-Flint
Former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to speak at Law School

October 08, 2004
Residence and academic facility slated for Frieze site
Oct. 29 event looks at Bush/Kerry health plans
Scientists see ubiquitin-modified proteins in living cells
Scientists to study why African-American women have more pregnancy problems
U-M hosts performance of Glenda Dickerson's new work
Teamwork among scientists and colleges results in IntraLase IPO
New award honors David Hermelin

October 06, 2004
Event announcement: Science is fascinating: Fall 2004 Saturday Morning Physics schedule

October 05, 2004
New addition to Bentley Library opens
Event announcement: Jewish women and feminism: Honoring writer Marge Piercy
Events Announcement: Michigan Union celebrating 100 years with events
U-M on-campus crime reports drop in 2003
U-M team treating mouth wounds by engineering tissue grafts
Stock buy recommendations from brokers who seldom give such advice fare better

October 04, 2004
Economist and author Julianne Malveaux to speak at CEW anniversary
Warm weather boosts mood, broadens the mind
Continued strong growth for U-M technology transfer in 2004

October 01, 2004
Consumers cite concerns about rising oil prices and slowing growth


September 30, 2004
U-M Web site goes bilingual with launch of En Español
U-M leads $4 million project to preserve poll and survey data
Experts available to discuss diversity in health care work force

September 29, 2004
U-M experts available to discuss presidential debates
Local economy doesn't drive voters' choices, study says

September 28, 2004
Reps from 10 nations to discuss foreign policy challenges
Assistant secretary of state to deliver inaugural lecture

September 27, 2004
University of Michigan announces Hopwood winners

September 24, 2004
Asking teens to chart life events helps explain risky decisions
How individuals handle victory impacts ability to learn, hormonal levels
Twenty-five years later: the "Black English case"

September 23, 2004
U-M housing plan calls for new and renovated halls, dining facilities

September 21, 2004
U-M World Values Study explores why religion endures
Regents meeting Sept. 23 begins at 2 p.m.

September 17, 2004
Event announcement: Saudi Arabia and the U.S.: Crisis or Opportunity?
U-M study: High-speed Internet spurs social interaction

September 16, 2004
Consolidating companies do better if founders stay involved

September 15, 2004
Researcher looks at racial identity as part of healthy lifestyle

September 14, 2004
'Leaky' marriages are becoming more common, U-M study
Comics, speakers, films highlight month of diverse activities

September 13, 2004
"Michigan Football Memories" DVD available, based on program that airs statewide Sept. 16

September 10, 2004
Dental student calls on dentists to take patients’ blood pressure
New structure to provide 800 spaces of faculty and staff parking

September 09, 2004
Event announcement: N.Y. Times writer to speak about how welfare reform affected mothers and their children
New York City real estate developer Stephen M. Ross gives $100 million to University of Michigan Business School

September 08, 2004
U-M study: Spanking can lead to more bad behavior by children
Event announcement: C.K. Prahalad will give McInally Lecture
Experts available for coverage of Chechnya, Russia

September 07, 2004
U-M Career Center wins national award
Event announcement: Democracy in the Middle East? Transitions to and from democracy
Ahead of its time: U-M Computing Center celebrates 45 years

September 03, 2004
Broken arms and collateral damage: clues to predator-driven evolution
$3.7 million NIH grant to support Public Health building project

September 02, 2004
Turning the poor into consumers creates huge growth markets

September 01, 2004
Advisory: U-M resources, experts available for Sept. 11 coverage

August 30, 2004
Researchers violate Bell’s inequality with an atom and a photon

August 27, 2004
U-M prepares for 6,000 freshmen with 200-plus activities
Resilient consumers remain engine of expansion

August 25, 2004
Strep disrupts blood clotting to infect humans
U-M diversity exhibit goes on the road
U-M experts available to discuss poverty in U.S. Census Bureau report

August 24, 2004
Finding the right formula for a community of chemists

August 23, 2004
EarthScope: Looking into North America
In gene regulation, small is beautiful

August 20, 2004
Event announcement: U-M to host two events on best practices in media business Sept. 20

August 19, 2004
U.S. economy: Solid, but not spectacular, through 2006
Buying stocks? Don't listen to investment banks

August 18, 2004
Researchers show how to assemble building blocks for nanotechnology
U-M plans fall move-in, temporary traffic flow changes

August 17, 2004
Sept. 11 affected children's mental health beyond New York City

August 13, 2004
No laughing matter: Late night talk shows can turn young adults into cynics

August 12, 2004
Jalen Rose endows scholarship for Michigan students
Use it or lose it: Seniors need to socialize to keep communication skills

August 11, 2004
U-M makes historical reprints available
Knowledge workers, not factory jobs, are key to prosperity

August 09, 2004
U-M offers experts for back-to-school stories

August 06, 2004
Power motivation research: Feel your pain or feel lonely at the top?

August 04, 2004
Michigan's three largest universities create high-performance research network

August 03, 2004
Goals unlikely to protect Gulf of Mexico shrimp industry

August 02, 2004
Sensitivity to seasonal changes affects disease-causing bugs' success
Women in male-dominated fields feel conflicted


July 30, 2004
Businesses can win the battle between work and family
U-M Surveys of Consumers: Robust job growth expected to continue

July 29, 2004
U-M Detroit Arab American Study portrays a complex population
9/11 boosted U.S. need for spiritual support, faith
Advisory: U-M experts available to discuss emergency contraception

July 28, 2004
U-M scientist involved in mission to Mercury available for comment
Software offshoring: Big savings, quality concerns

July 27, 2004
Real leaders embrace change, regardless of title or position
U-M alumnus fulfills dream with $1 million gift
A fishy fix for conservation concerns
Drug to fight virus in transplant patients moves forward in trials

July 26, 2004
U-M, AATA to provide unlimited bus access through AATA'S MRide Program
Media Advisory—Reminder: Auto conference registration continues

July 21, 2004
Musical theater workshop finds home at U-M
Let them fail: Encourage employees to experiment

July 20, 2004
Seat belt law does not spur police harassment, though some disagree
Movies can raise or lower hormone levels
Researchers overcome barrier to shrinking wireless devices

July 16, 2004
Architect named for Kelsey Museum project

July 15, 2004
U-M budget, tuition increase contingent on state support
Boomers’ unexpected ethos: work until we drop?
Annenberg Foundation gives $2 million toward new building for Ford School of Public Policy
Two public health professors lead values and society program

July 14, 2004
U-M secures $40 million government research contract
Event announcement: U-M School of Dentistry hosts annual free mouth guard clinic Saturday

July 13, 2004
Will the insured sacrifice to help cover the uninsured?

July 12, 2004
Smart cruise control eliminates traffic jams
Regents meeting July 15 begins at 1:15 p.m.
U-M prof to address FDA for approval of periodontal tissue engineering

July 9, 2004
Screening potential hires for carpal tunnel not cost effective

July 5, 2004
Old is young: The modern advantage

July 2, 2004
U-M institute presents latest literacy research


June 30, 2004
U-M scientists involved in mission to Saturn available to comment
ADVISORY: U-M experts available to discuss Rift Valley fever

June 29, 2004
Basic RNA enzyme research promises single-molecule biosensors
New market for developers: homebuyers want view of woods, not large lawns

June 28, 2004
Program tackles state's reading achievement gap, 70% reach goals
Scientists say Wnt protein prevents obesity by inhibiting fat cell development

June 25, 2004
Job growth continues as fears of rising inflation fade

June 24, 2004
Lake slime offers lessons for environmental policy
Most powerful laser to date produced at U-M; technology could revolutionize cancer treatment
Hospital standards for high-risk surgeries save lives

June 23, 2004
Sakai Project releases open source collaboration and learning environment software

June 21, 2004
Auto industry's annual Traverse City conference Aug. 2-6
Grant to examine how faculty are affected by dual ladder career tracks
Orientation under way at U-M for incoming students and parents

June 18, 2004
U-M undergraduate awarded prestigious fellowship

June 17, 2004
U-M unveils landmark design for major expansion of Museum of Art

June 16, 2004
Plans for Walgreen Drama Center announced
Pulsed dye laser therapy does not improve acne

June 14, 2004
Early intervention lessens impact of autism

June 11, 2004
U-M: 29 Fulbright winners
Event announcement: U-M's National Poverty Center will host three-day symposium
Self-regulation, board action can douse potential executive 'flameout'
Michigan Business School's new India Center opens this month
Study helps explain island populations' susceptibility to exotic diseases

June 10, 2004
Employers can save by helping employees get more active

June 09, 2004
U-M’s child advocacy program marks 10th anniversary
U-M scientists part of new DOE-funded fusion science center

June 08, 2004
Advisory: Experts can discuss historic SpaceShipOne
Obesity in developing countries compares to U.S. yo-yo dieting
U-M scientists find cancer's genetic core

June 07, 2004
Latest increase in ACSI bodes well for economy
Pay or go away: What would spammers do?
Stamps gift enhances experience for art and design students
Experts available for coverage related to Ronald Reagan

June 04, 2004
Dementia often leads to nursing home admission
Imagery helps older people remember medical advice
U-M archaeological team to explore Grand Traverse Light station site
U-M team designs unique tree house for kids with special needs

June 03, 2004
Experts available for D-Day-related coverage and features
Librarians give pointers to find quality health information online

June 02, 2004
U-M researcher co-discovers meat-eating dinosaurs in Africa
Museum of Art receives three leadership gifts totaling $2.5 million for renovation project
New U-M Center – CARSS – launches its first two projects
Taking kids with special needs to new heights - unique tree house for wheelchair, vent-dependent kids

June 01, 2004
Scientists propose ecology for a crowded planet
The iceman cometh to U-M


May 28, 2004
Consumer confidence declines in May

May 27, 2004
Most of us are poor judges of our own abilities

May 26, 2004
Pursuing self-esteem harmful; focus on goals rather than yourself
Workers need to feel they're making a difference

May 25, 2004
Born to Die Young? U-M study examines the risks of being male
From Michigan to Broadway
Obesity affects transition to work from welfare, study shows
U-M Law School develops collaborative pediatric clinic
Sakai Project expands with Hewlett Foundation grant to Foothill-De Anza Community College District

May 24, 2004
Researchers use physics formula to develop map-making computer program
Experts available on female aggression and aggression research
Slovakia and U-M collaborate for scholars and projects
U-M experts available to discuss Olympic Games

May 21, 2004
Great Lakes swimmers: Beware of potentially deadly rip currents

May 20, 2004
Insurance shifts harm poor kids' care
U-M planning underway for FY2005 budget cuts

May 19, 2004
U-M offers new MBA/Educational Studies dual degree
From fryer to fuel tank, U-M students make a case for waste elimination and energy recovery
U-M researcher studies swimmer's itch incidence and risk factors
Researchers develop new method of mapping percolation
U-M Life Sciences Institute celebrates grand opening, unveils two centers, four new faculty
Parents overestimate children's bike, car safety habits

May 18, 2004
Event announcement: U-M's observatory celebrates 150 years; its telescopes still intact
Is the market moral? U-M policy expert debates issue in new book

May 17, 2004
U-M experts available to discuss Iraqi prison treatment
Regents meeting May 20 in Dearborn begins at 1:30 p.m.
Health-conscious women not getting colons checked
University of Michigan announces Hopwood winners

May 14, 2004
The Michigan Difference campaign launched with $2.5 billion goal
Life Sciences Institute announces new centers, new faculty

May 13, 2004
U-M researchers receive grants for hydrogen research
Homelands project wins first Imagining Michigan Award

May 12, 2004
Four U-M professors named AAAS fellows
U-M holds Brown event on future of multicultural teaching

May 11, 2004
University of Michigan to kick off billion-plus fund-raising campaign: The Michigan Difference
The buzz about cicadas: Noisy bugs to emerge after 17 years underground
Detroit poet laureate's archives housed at U-M
U-M program helps career changers and urban school districts
W.K. Kellogg Foundation gives $5 million to School of Public Health
U-M Regents to meet May 20 in Dearborn
Cooling the head prevents brain injury in newborns

May 10, 2004
Army salutes U-M students’ recommendations
Living wills don't work, study says

May 07, 2004
Rx pain drugs scarce in minority areas
Freezing technique successful for early-stage breast cancer

May 06, 2004
Electric Martian dust devils could prove hazardous for space travelers

May 05, 2004
Event announcement: Rockets whiz, laser beams bounce in Physics Olympiad at U-M

May 04, 2004
Mutual fund investors: Don't shoot for the stars
Museum of Art receives $10 million from the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation to name new wing
Year-round asthma symptoms in kids triggered by parents' second-hand smoke, study suggests

May 03, 2004
Insulin pump benefits preschoolers with diabetes
Has Southeast Michigan really adopted the principles of lean production?
U-M study reveals a hidden cost of depression: Large amounts of extra help for depressed seniors
Teaching families to work together improves diabetes management for low income kids, UMHS study finds

May 01, 2004
Dental pulp cells may hold key to treatment of Parkinson's disease
Iron-deficient infants score worse on cognitive and motor tests as teens


April 30, 2004
Confidence unchanged as job gains offset rising prices and interest rates
Physics researchers find striking quantum spin behavior
Scientists: Forest emissions likely play a greater role in atmospheric cleansing than previously thought

April 29, 2004
Can you hear me now? "Belly talk" popular in U.S.

April 27, 2004
U-M study shows why it's never too late to lose weight
Women need not lose sleep over menopause, U-M study says
Four faculty members chosen as Guggenheim fellows
Two U-M professors elected to National Academy of Sciences
Fund will continue to raise & grant funds for bipolar disorder research at U-M

April 22, 2004
University's new ergopods improve access for students with disabilities
Event Cancellation: Conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy
Study examines "Grammars of Death" to learn why we died

April 21, 2004
Longest education reform effort produced few achievements
Task force report recommends eight key areas for U-M to monitor for environmental sustainability
Guiding gas exploration: U-M research offers inexpensive tool

April 20, 2004
Ultra-fast laser allows efficient, accessible nanoscale machining

April 19, 2004
Evidence exonerates 328, but many still falsely imprisoned
U-M Regents to meet April 22
U-M Life Sciences Institute to host public tours, grand opening events
Experts available on education reform and improving schools
Depression Center receives $10M gift

April 16, 2004
Perrigo Co. and U-M Life Sciences Institute name undergraduate summer research fellows

April 15, 2004
U-M professor's top-selling book focuses on Toyota's methods

April 14, 2004
U-M student research may help astronauts burn fuel on Mars
$8 million gift to Kelsey Museum of the University of Michigan

April 13, 2004
Childcare subsidies aid the transition from welfare to work
Event announcement: WDI, Law School to host Globalization, Law and Development Conference
U-M Regents to meet April 22

April 12, 2004
Event announcement: Student research at Brown v. Board theme semester capstone

April 09, 2004
Diversity begets diversity:Experiments confirm ecological tenet
Expanded banking services can benefit low-income households
Event announcement: CEO of Intel to speak at 2003-2004 Goff Smith Lecture

April 07, 2004
Long-forgotten samples may help save species
William Davidson Institute at the Business School names new director

April 06, 2004
Sakai open-source project releases draft specifications
Event announcement: Mary Sue Coleman to receive Women in Leadership Award
Undergraduate research, faculty mentorship celebrated at U-M

April 05, 2004
Final move-out date is May 1 for U-M residence halls
Companies benefit by accepting blame for poor performance
Event announcement: School integration: Are we better off 50 years after Brown v. Board?

April 01, 2004
U-M Public Safety rolls out motor unit
Advisory: World Health Day: U-M researchers can discuss road safety issues

March 31, 2004
States implement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Job growth expected for Wayne County through 2006
Playing fair: U-M science students confront ethical dilemmas


March 30, 2004
Technology assists when memory falters
Rackham celebration features photographer who chronicled Ground Zero

March 29, 2004
New materials added to U-M Special Collections Library
When parents are supportive, children become healthier adults
Nabokov collection donated to U-M

March 26, 2004
Consumers remain confident despite scarcity of jobs and higher gas prices

March 25, 2004
Experts available on outsourcing—a presidential campaign issue

March 24, 2004
Event announcement: Nobel Prize winner Robert B. Laughlin to speak at U-M
U-M teaching program brings research to life to improve education

March 23, 2004
Making smart drugs that deliver the right kind of punch
New technology gives U-M dental students front row seats

March 22, 2004
Undergraduate research celebrated at State Capitol

March 19, 2004
Rediscover Rackham celebration features "West Wing" actress
Playwright Arthur Miller plans visit to U-M

March 18, 2004
U.S. economy will add nearly 3 million jobs in next two years
U-M hosts Bolcom's massive “Songs of Innocence” in April
"Dean" of automotive journalists to address U-M commencement

March 17, 2004
New U-M housing director selected

March 16, 2004
E-mail for Mohammed Hameed: U-M study shows discrimination against Arabs

March 15, 2004
Davidson Institute, European Union Center to host forum on union's growth
Indiana Jones fan discovers 2,000-year-old papyrus in U-M library
New journal showcases student-faculty research
Regents meeting March 18 begins at 2 p.m.

March 12, 2004
National Internet2 Day on television locally
U-M helps Michigan communities guard against bio-terror attacks
The effect of negative stereotyping on academic performance

March 11, 2004
Event announcement: "Activating the Past" explores museums as gathering places

March 10, 2004
U-M expands access to hidden electronic resources with OAIster
Event announcement: U-M hosts Workplace Wellness Conference March 17

March 09, 2004
Businesses can promote peace in global economy
U-M receives gifts to support public policy school and athletics department

March 08, 2004
Advisory: Outsourcing experts available at the Michigan Business School
U-M group working to improve access to mental health resnources
Ann Arbor Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow in March
Researchers turn back time for acid-rain ravaged forest
Event announcement: U-M Media Union renamed to honor James and Anne Duderstadt
Albright to discuss Middle East democracy, international institutions
Physics pioneers lauded at U-M

March 04, 2004
Event announcement: ISR Roots of Terrorism Initiative sponsors talks

March 03, 2004
U-M earns award for protecting the environment through energy efficiency

March 02, 2004
U-M space experts available to discuss Mars findings

March 01, 2004
Energizing your workplace: New book shows how
Event announcement: Legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham to appear at U-M
Madeleine Albright will discuss today's international institutions


February 27, 2004
Event announcement: Son of "The Pianist" speaks of life that inspired Oscar-winning film
Rock kills communism: Interview with "first lady of Polish rock"
Concerns heighten over slow pace of job growth

February 26, 2004
U-M study: More programs needed to aid students with mental illnesses
Event announcement: "Did Life Come From Mars?" Leading Mars expert to speak at U-M

February 25, 2004
Print ad pictures: Less is more

February 24, 2004
Event announcement : Three-day conference: Doing documentary work

February 23, 2004
U-M exhibit features art by Michigan prisoners

February 20, 2004
Evolution caught in the act

February 19, 2004
Event announcement: Michigan Business School's Sustainable Business Conference Feb. 27
Detroit's digital divide not due to race
Three professors receive prestigious Henry Russel Award at U-M
Five U-M faculty members named Thurnau Professors
U-M sets three-year employee parking permit rates

February 18, 2004
Joan and Sanford Weill give $5 million for U-M's Ford School of Public Policy building
Executives use stock buybacks to manage performance results
Laurita Thomas named to U-M's top human resource post
Customer satisfaction is at its highest since 1995

February 17, 2004
Event announcement: Race relations experts explore desegregation in modern education

February 16, 2004
ADVISORY: U-M experts available to discuss latest interpretations of Christ
U-M researcher: eating disorders caused by more than body image
Regents meeting Feb. 19 begins at 2:30 p.m.

February 15, 2004
From football conferences to food webs: U-M researcher uncovers patterns in complicated networks

February 14, 2004
Religion guides views of fertility treatment in Middle East

February 13, 2004
Michigan Radio wins five 2004 MAB Broadcast Excellence Awards

February 12, 2004
Survey of U-M freshmen shows a marked increase in political interest
UMTRI division changes name to reflect its broad focus

February 11, 2004
UMHS to study burns related to children's clothing
U-M Regents to meet Feb. 19
Norovirus confirmed in viral gastroenteritis outbreak at the University of Michigan

February 09, 2004
Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured launches book

February 06, 2004
Event announcement: WDI Panel: Poland's involvement in Iraq
ANNOUNCEMENT Saturday Morning Physics announces spring schedule
Event announcement: Economist Albert Fishlow will speak at WDI panel on Brazil

February 05, 2004
Patriotism impacts stock portfolio
U-M continues to grow recycling program

February 04, 2004
Women should ignore media's “perfect mom” image, new book says
Event announcement: Civil rights pioneer, one of Little Rock Nine, visits U-M Feb. 12

February 03, 2004
University of Michigan announces Hopwood winners
Race and religion protect kids from drugs, U-M study finds

February 02, 2004
U-M Jazz Festival features Count Basie Orchestra


January 30, 2004
Surge in optimism due to expected job growth in 2004
Library develops Brown v. Board of Education digital archive
Event announcement: U-M School of Dentistry to offer free dental services Saturday

January 29, 2004
ANNOUNCEMENT: Black History Month: Beverly Tatum's insights inspire discussions

January 28, 2004
Event announcement: Michigan Business School's annual Asian Business Conference Feb. 6-7
Event announcement: Anti-hazing expert to speak at U-M Feb. 3

January 27, 2004
Event announcement: New York Times' Keith Bradsher will discuss SUV book at U-M Feb. 4
Event announcement: U-M ISR remembers the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 26, 2004
Six (or fewer) degrees of science

January 23, 2004
Frank Ascione named dean of pharmacy at U-M
Study: muscles respond to getting on your feet after spinal cord injury

January 22, 2004
Black Americans: U-M study documents differences within the community
Event announcement:Michigan Business School's European Business Conference Jan. 30
Sakai Project Launches Groundbreaking Open Source Collaboration

January 21, 2004
Event announcement: U-M expoSItion showcases information professionals
Event announcement: U-M women's conference to offer workshops, networking opportunities

January 19, 2004
ADVISORY: Super Bowl: Advertisers look to score
U-M expands access to its collections via the Internet
Lecture dates set for Distinguished University Professors

January 16, 2004
Event announcement: Cuban expert Carmelo Mesa-Lago will speak at WDI seminar Jan. 21

January 15, 2004
CEO pay and earnings manipulation strongly linked
U-M researchers: Burning fossil fuels has a measurable cooling effect on the climate
A failed star is born; the origins of brown dwarfs

January 12, 2004
U-M experts available to discuss 50th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education decision and the case's ongoing legacy

January 9, 2004
U-M to host international SARS symposium Jan. 20
U-M events honor Martin Luther King, Jr.
University of Michigan Regents to meet Jan. 15

January 7, 2004
Hill Auditorium reopens: Historic restoration, modern amenities
MEDIA ADVISORY:Hill Auditorium reopens with vibrant look, updated features
Event announcement: Noted disability scholar Adrienne Asch to visit University of Michigan

January 6, 2004
U-M researchers explore origins of high velocity clouds in spiral galaxies
Event announcement Michigan Business School's FuturTech Conference set for Jan. 15-1
ADVISORY: Brown sisters available for media interviews Jan. 12

January 5, 2004
Consumers are optimistic about job growth in 2004
Substance use is still common at age 35, U-M study finds