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Len Niehoff, professor from practice

Len Niehoff
Professor From Practice

University of Michigan School of Law

· His research interests span the fields of civil procedure, ethics, evidence, First Amendment, higher education law, legal philosophy, and Supreme Court history.

Social Work Organizational Studies Politics

Michigan's Welfare Reform

Laura Lein, School of Social Work, dean

Laura Lein
School of Social Work, Dean

· She has served as principal investigator on multiple grants on poverty, family and women's issues, and impoverished populations in Texas.

· She is author of nine books on welfare, health care, children, and families, including Poor Families in America's Health Care Crisis.

Social Protests

Michael Heaney, assistant professor

Michael Heaney

Assistant professor

· He examines the organizational dimensions of American politics.

· His research focuses on the role of intermediary institutions--especially interest groups, political parties, and social movements--in shaping the political process and policy outcomes.

Immigration Issues

John Garcia, director of the Resource Center for Minority Data and ICPSR's Director of Community Outreach

John Garcia

Director of the Resource Center for Minority Data and ICPSR's Director of Community Outreach

· His primary areas of research and teaching are: minority group politics, especially Latinos; political behavior; political mobilization; urban politics; social survey research; and public policy.

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