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May 15, 2003

Second regional stormwater detention basin to be built at U-M

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Stormwater control on the University of Michigan's North Campus will be enhanced this fall when a new stormwater detention pond and piping system will be constructed following today's project approval by the Board of Regents.

The new detention area will be designed as a naturalized wetland system that will be fed from the new piping system encircling the north campus core area. It will retain rainwater in a manner that promotes evaporation and infiltration to minimize the discharge to the stormwater system and ultimately the Huron River.

"The detention system, which will stretch from Bonisteel to Fuller roads, will collect the water from rain events," said Susan Gott, University Planner. "While retained in the pond, some of the water will evaporate, some will seep into the ground, some will remain in the wetland area, and after a few days, a smaller amount will flow through the existing piping system and into the Huron River.

"This system will address some of the flooding issues we've faced in the lower portions of north campus, provide a wonderful area for wildlife habitat and naturalized plantings, while also reducing the run-off flowing into the city's stormwater system."

The detention area will be the second regional holding facility built at U-M to address stormwater management. A million-gallon detention basin was built in the Palmer Drive Development, below the new parking structure, to collect and detain stormwater from areas of the central campus. Regional controls minimize the need to install stormwater detention systems at each facility, creating efficiencies in operation.

Staff from U-M's Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Department (OSEH) have been instrumental in coordinating the University's stormwater management efforts. "We've been collaborating with staff at the city of Ann Arbor and with our consultants to engineer solutions to our flooding challenges," said Terry Alexander, OSEH Director. "This new project on north campus will provide an outdoor amenity for students and staff to enjoy, while enhancing our environmental stewardship responsibilities."

The project is estimated to cost $2.8 million, which will be funded from capital investment proceeds. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed in late fall.

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