December 13, 2000

Advisory—Statement re: admissions lawsuit decision

The following statement was issued by University of Michigan President Lee C. Bollinger in response to Judge Patrick Duggan's decision today (Dec. 13) in the undergraduate admissions lawsuit, Gratz v. Bollinger:

"This is an unequivocal ruling in our favor. The court ruled that the current system for admitting students to the University of Michigan is legal, and the reasons for the consideration of race are completely justified.

"I am deeply gratified by the court's decision to recognize and affirm the critical nature of diversity in higher education. This decision is a victory not only for the University of Michigan and for our students, but also for the leaders, corporations, labor groups, education associations, religious organizations and others across the country who have affirmed the rightness of this principle.

"The decision of the court today supports the admission policies of virtually every selective university in the nation. The court has followed 22 years of settled law which permits colleges and universities to pursue diversity to meet important educational aims."

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